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Note: times may change as the needs of the enrolled families are established.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Northern Lights Academy?

Northern Lights Academy is a family oriented private school which utilizes a multiage/one room school house philosophy. Remember the days when the school and the church were in the center of town and all the town activities were centered in that building? Northern Lights Academy is a place for 3rd-8th graders and their families to be involved in a rigorous academic program in which the curriculum parallels that of the public schools. Families are encouraged and expected to be involved in their child’s education.

Northern Lights Academy will ultimately grow to include students in grades 1-8. The first year we developed the 4-6 grade curriculum. Year Two will expand either at the top (grades 7/8) or the bottom (grades 1-3)…whomever applies first. Year Three will develop and include students in the remaining grade levels. In the old traditions of one room schoolhouses, all students will be at school at the same time. There will be one teacher working with them all. The group will be small and students will learn independence, responsibility, patience, problem solving, cooperation, as well as the three R’s.

Why choose a private school over the numerous public schools/charter schools?

What are the application requirements?

All applicants must submit their report card from the previous academic year, their shot record with all shots current, a non-refundable $50 application fee, a completed application available on our website ( In addition, students in grades 4-8 must also submit their Standards Based Assessment scores (or other standardized test scores) from the previous school year. Students desiring to enroll at Northern Lights Academy are required to have SBA scores of 350+ in all tested areas. Students scoring between 300-349 on one or more test may be accepted on a conditional basis. Students desiring to enroll as a 3rd grader may not have test scores to submit. This varies from district to district.

Families must schedule an interview with Northern Lights Academy. Both the prospective student and their parent/guardian will have an interview with a staff member, a NLA Board member and a parent not related to the interviewing student. After the completion of the two interviews and submission of all application materials, the families will be notified regarding their child’s enrollment status.

Who is teaching my child?

The Founder and Director of Northern Lights Academy is Janice Trumbull. Miss Trumbull came to Fairbanks as young child with her family in 1964. She is a product of the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District having attending University Park Elementary, Ryan Jr. High, West Valley High School and the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. She also graduated from Multnomah School of the Bible and Cambridge College. Over the last 24 years she has taught General Music, third grade, 4th/5th grade, 5th grade and a 4th-6th grade multiage classroom. A certified teacher and highly qualified in the areas of elementary and music, Miss Trumbull also instructs students in seventh through high school in the Northland Youth Choir and at University Park Bible Church.

What will my students be learning at Northern Lights Academy?

Students in a multiage group study the same curriculum together, with the exception of math. Students study the science and social studies curriculums for the oldest age group in the multiage and cover that material in the first year. The second year students cover the material required for the middle age group. The final year of the multiage group covers the material for the youngest age participating in the multiage. Students cover whatever math is appropriate for their age and skill level at that time. Language Arts lessons are very similar for each grade level and lessons can be taught together. Allowances for younger students with less writing and reading experience are made. The tables for Year One in each multiage loop can be found on the school webpage, however, the curriculum generally follows that of the public school system.

Will lunch be provided for my child?

No hot lunch program is available. Students must bring their lunches from home. It is anticipated to have a kitchen available and a cooking program is being designed to be integrated into health classes.

Is transportation provided?

It is the responsibility of the families to carpool and get their students to and from school in a timely manner. We hope to be close to the Borough bus lines and expect to use the bus for field trips.

Will textbooks be provided?

At this time it is expected that all major textbooks will be provided by and remain the property of Northern Lights Academy.

Will my child have to bring supplies to school?

At this time it is expected that students will bring the usual school supplies they would bring to a public school. As time progresses it may be necessary to have additional paper products supplied for the school by the families.

How much time will families be expected to work at the school?

The number of hours a family will be expected to work for the school will not be set until after the first year has been completed, however it is estimated that families would contribute between 10-20 hours doing things for the school in one academic year. This time owed to the school can be served in a variety of methods to accommodate families with two working parents. There will also be a number of family nights where academic and fun activities will take place. It is hoped that families will be able to make these activities a priority for their families.

What happens if my child is enrolled in Northern Lights Academy and then we must withdraw for some reason?

Once a student is enrolled at Northern Lights Academy they are liable for the first semester’s tuition (one half total tuition for the year). If a student must withdraw from Northern Lights Academy between the half way point and the end of the year, they are liable for the complete tuition for one year.